Trust us; we’ve been there.

The roots of our company lie within the ownership and management of buildings in and around the Boston Metropolitan area dating back towards the end of the WWII era. This unique perspective differentiates us and, when combined with our commitment to remain at the leading edge of industry technological advances, allows us to be the most efficient and secure property management system available in the market today.


Three Key Pieces to our Property Management:

1.       Clients have 24/7 access to an online Owners Portal where at anytime they can access up to the minute financial information and numerous reports pertaining to their properties. In addition, we will complete an in-depth inspection of the property once a month and provide owners with a report detailing any pertinent information regarding maintenance repairs, billing, and collections.

2.       The number one benefit of our experience as a property owner is the way that we look at property investments. Every year, we will create a comprehensive business plan and budget, which will outline all of your projected revenues and expenses for the following year as well as include our game plan to improve the quality of the community. Owners are presented with a draft of this action plan and budget annually for their review and input.

3.       Transparency. Three Hills maintains impeccable record keeping. We scan and upload items such as contractor bills and utility bills for owners review. Unlike other companies, we never charge fees on top of third party contractor bills and invoices. What they charge is what you pay, every time.