Finding "The One"

Finally, a property management company you can take home to mom and dad.

Finally, a property management company you can take home to mom and dad.

Finding the right management company can be a lot like online dating;

what you see may not always be what you get. Then there’s the “getting to know the real you” phase as you start to settle in and discover the ebbs and flow of a new relationship. It’s not uncommon to become skeptical, discouraged, and even cynical after things go south time and time again, and you’re left wondering if you’ll ever find “the One.”

With Three Hills, it won’t take long to realize you’ve made the right choice. Here are just a few reasons why:

1)   We’re upfront about our extra baggage.

Pictured here: not us

Pictured here: not us

…Or the fact that we don’t really have any.

We do not charge hidden fees for leasing, or on top of third party invoices, etc. We never, ever accept kickbacks. Our in house maintenance and custodial rates are flat rates year round, 24/7 to make it easier for our clients to keep track. What you see is always what you get.

2)   With us, you have options.

We’re open minded.

We’re open minded.

Whether you’re looking for a fling or something long term, you’ll never have to worry about hurting our feelings. Our current roster includes clients who live halfway across the globe to DIYers who just want some maintenance coverage on weekends and holidays. We are flexible and will tailor fit a management system that is as unique as you are.

3)   We know what you want.

Intuition is great, but nothing beats experience.

With the roots of our company dating back to World War II, there really isn’t much we haven’t seen yet. The real gem, however, is our firsthand experience in property ownership. We know what you want because we’ve been there. Truly having an ownership mindset is what really gives us the edge over our competition.

4)   We won’t use the silent treatment against you.


We know that a lack of communication is a leading killer of most relationships today. But with a monthly reporting structure, unlimited access to an online portal where clients can have a detailed look at their portfolio in real time, we’re not afraid of transparency. We understand the need for honest, clear communication, and we encourage it both ways.


Ready to swipe right?

Whether you own a large multi family portfolio, or are just starting out with your first rental property, find out why Three Hills is the perfect match for any real estate investor.